Photo Workshop

There are really two versions of the workshops. The first is one you can take while still on board the ship. This version of the workshop hosts 20 passengers at a time, which is a good number for our photo pro to give everyone the attention they need. These on-board sessions take the form of lectures and workshops and will introduce you to your equipment and the theories behind how to take a better picture. The second version of workshop is held during excursions. These land-based sessions are for up to 14 passengers at a time. These workshops are more practical, your photo pro helping you to adjust to real-life situations such as falling snow, dim light, moving wildlife, and so on.

Do I have to bring equipment?

You do indeed have to bring your own equipment – you’ll soon find that choices in photography equipment are very much based on personal preference, and there’s no way we could accommodate everyone’s tastes. You can bring more than just basic cameras if you choose, but keep in mind you have to be able to carry the gear and it has to fit safely on board a Zodiac for trips to the shore. You should at the very least bring a waterproof bag to carry your camera in – Zodiac trips tend to splash.

Are photography workshops included in the cruise price or are they supplemental?

A photography workshop is covered by the overall cost in one of our basecamp cruises. These basecamp workshops are very beginner-friendly, but still have plenty to offer those who have a few photo albums under their belt. The other cruises do require an extra cost, and you should book your spot in the workshop with our reservations department preferably 3 months prior to your departure (our photography pros are in demand so we need to book their time well in advance). These cruises offer the Leica Akademie workshop which requires a minimum of 4 passengers (and a max of 14).

Photography trips

You might find mere words failing to express to your friends what it meant to you to get in touch with the pristine beauty of the Polar Regions. But you might also be worried that you’re no world-class photographer and that your pictures aren’t going to live up to your Arctic or Antarctic experience. Not to worry. Select voyages have pro photographers on board who are happy to share their experience and expertise with you. So if you consider yourself only a fair photographer, or even if you can’t tell the front end of a camera from the back, you’re going to go home with some new shutterbug knowledge and a mitt-full of fantastic photographs of your trip.