Le Soleal

Le soleal - Compagnie du Ponant

Like Le Boréal and L’Austral, the two sister ships that preceded it, Le Soléal further reaffirms PONANT's signature approach: to take passengers to the farthest reaches of the planet onboard modern ships offering top-of-the-range services.
An elegant appearance and refined interior design combine with cutting-edge technology to offer a new type of cruising: adventure in a luxury setting.
Ecodesign is at the centre of our reflection. The latest innovations available at the time of its creation were deployed on board this vessel. Since then, PONANT has regularly improved its environmental performance at each technical stop.

Ship Specifications

  • Length : 142m (466ft)
  • Beam : 18 m (59ft)
  • Crew members: 139
  • Elevators to all decks
  • Dynamic positioning system
  • « Clean ship » standards
  • French flag


  • The Gastronomic Restaurant: On Deck 2, opposite the marina platform, you will find Le soleal’s gastronomic restaurant. Le Céleste serves fine and delicious cuisine carefully elaborated and prepared by our French chef. In this restaurant, which seats 268, you can enjoy each of the day’s meals, from breakfast through to dinner, in an exquisite setting.
  • The Grill Restaurant: Located on Deck 6, La Comète is a grill restaurant open for all meals. In a more casual and relaxed atmosphere, the restaurant serves delicious, varied and inspired food. Indoor or outdoor themed lunch and dinner buffets are organised each day, with the horizon as special guest.


Le soleal boasts 73 Prestige Staterooms (18 m²), each with a 4 m² private balcony. Our Prestige Staterooms are fitted with a range of high-end equipment to guarantee you comfort and peace of mind in a cosy-chic and intimate atmosphere.

Our 11 Prestige Suites were designed and decorated by French designers. With a surface area of 37 m², they have an elegant and relaxing atmosphere. These magnificent suites include a large bedroom, a smal.
On Deck 6 you’ll find Le soleal’s largest suite, the Owner’s Suite. With a surface area of 55 m², the Owner’s Suite boasts the elegance and comfort necessary to ensure your cruise is as pleasant as possible. This luxurious suite’s 12 m² private balcony offers stunning views of the sea.l living area with sofa and coffee table, and an 8 m² balcony with stunning views.